NA 1-28.12.11

I’m an artist from Italy. I was born in Naples, I lived in Rome for 28 years and then in Spain for 7 months. Now I’m back living in my hometown, Naples.

I’m a mum, traveller, architect, interior designer, graphic designer, art director, designer of furniture and objects (many of which made by me), teacher of graphic design computer programs, writer of short tales, artist… I’m always eager for new experiences and have filled my life with many hobbies such as sailing (I’m a skipper), ceramics, theatre, driving instructor for off-road veichles… I love to call myself an Artist of Life.

My creativity and my passion for colour have always been present in my life, and they emerge powerfully and joyfully in my ‘axquarelli’ (almost watercolors), intuitive and colorful paintings which warm the hearts, bring peace of mind and rebalance the energies. They combine the vibrations of my healing essence (I’m also Master Reiki), and my innate ability to mix colors. For this purpose I painted some small pictures to use as healing charms to take with you everywhere, and I call them HealthCatcher.

My Art is intuitive and flows in a meditative state, through the Universal Love.

My paintings arise from my higher Self and flow out to express the joy and lightness of the life, and to open the heart. What I feel is my art can bring serenity and inner balance to people, so that they can live a rewarding life full of experiences, aware of the beauty that surrounds us at all times. As Fëdor Dostoevsky said, “Beauty will save the world!”

For me, being creative means loving what you do, being passionate and totally immersed in what you do, becoming ‘one’ with what you’re doing, whatever it is. Everyone can be creative.

I painted on demand also some portraits, my “Portraits of the Soul.”

~ GLORIAdis (Gloria di Simone)

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