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In the 2016 I changed the style for my painting. I experimented the acrylics on canvas with the addition of golden leaf, the first time I used it. I liked the results and so, here they are


The first painting of this series. The Solar Storm that activates what’s within you, the GO(L)D, with its powerful magnetic influence.

solar storm
cm.40×60 – acrylic and golden on canvas




Go(l)d is within you

After the Solar Storm (first painting of this series) that shook your magnetism, and thus your body, the GO(L)D – that’s inside everyone – emerges with the consciousness, so you’re fulfilled, at peace and rich of joy, manifesting your creativity and your inner beauty.

cm.28×100 – acrylic and golden leaf on canvas

Eruption of consciousness

The “GO(l)D that IS  WITHIN YOU” (the second painting of this series ), emerges with an Explosion of Consciousness, like a volcano that erupts from the deep of its bowels, to let you to be WHO YOU REALLY ARE. The fishes represent the christic consciousness.

cm.40x60 - acrylic and golden leaf on canvas
cm.40×60 – acrylic and golden leaf on canvas


“BEYOND DUALISM”, the fourth painting of the series, makes you fly high! When your consciousness is aroused, by combining the darkness and light in yourself, you easily go beyond dualism, allowing yourself to live in simplicity, in serenity and in beauty, perfectly balanced.

This is also the second of 3 paintings of my triptych “I AM THAT I AM”.

cm.28x100 - acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
cm.28×100 – acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

I Am That I Am (Triptych)

The Cosmic Consciousness Embodied.
The GO(L)D which is inside everyone (“GOLD IS WITHIN YOU”, the first painting of the triptych), after to be surfaced (with the “Eruption of Consciousness” > Fishes, another painting of this series), makes you fly high, going “BEYOND DUALISM” (the second painting of the triptych), by combining the darkness and the light, allowing you to live simply, as “GOLDEN POPPIES” (the third painting of the triptych) shining in the sunlight.

cm.28x100 x 3 (cm.96x100) - acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
cm.28×100 x 3 (cm.96×100) – acrylic and gold leaf on canvas