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I love the screens, I used some of them at home. I’ve created many of them with various shape and materials like wood, silk, forex, fabric… Some of those painted have a different drawing for each side.

Only few of them have come to light, others are still in my mind and I’d like very much to make them, one day or another.

Screens Gallery

Flamingos/The Aristocats

Wood painted with acrylics

Sun & Moon – Day & Night

Wood painted with acrylics – The frame is painted with gold. Some parts of the painting are refined with gold too.

Calm & Chaos

Wood painted with acrylics – The subject on the right is inspired by a house in Vienn by the artist and architect Friedrich Hundertwasser.

The Seagull

This is a project. It’s made with wood painted with acrylics and gold (the seagull and the frame), and filled with fabric of silk or other quite transparent textile.