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Almost watercolors, my “Axquarelli” are made in a meditative state, to inspire the Spirit, and to open and to warm hearts. They contain codes of light and color that heal, and rebalance the energies of the environment and of the body.
They are painted with “Diamond Water” which is represented with the number 999 and leads humans to a point where they can integrate the third level of consciousness, known as “consciousness of the Tree of Life.”

“Gloria combines life and play, love and passion with vibrant three-dimensional shapes or abstract, creations made by thousands of vanishing points from different perspectives.” (Isabella de Chiara)

Yin Yang: Bach Flowers & Nature

Yin Yang: Bach Flowers & Nature is a painting done for a mosaic on the ground in a beautiful Bach Flowers garden in the French Switzerland at Yvonand.

Yin Yang: Bach Flowers & Nature

The owner of the garden is a master of Bach Flowers and of circle dance. These are her websites.

Beautiful review

Few days ago I received an email from Canada with a great review to my paintings.

Here it is:

“My name is Christine. I have come across your beautiful paintings on FineArtAmerica. So much joy, colors, lightness, playfulness and childlikeness is in your art… just amazing and soooo healing… a real eye feast to my inner child… she cannot get enough of your paintings. I can see your inner child painting and to let *her* paint is a precious gift you have. Humans have forgotten and you are reminding them of the child within them… very powerful.”

Christine Mayers

She especially loves this painting.

Yin-Yang: Spring & Autumn
Yin-Yang: Spring & Autumn

Thank you Christine!

Yin-Yang: Earth Day

I make this painting to celebrate the Earth Day!

Being in love with our beautiful planet, I’d like to share the deep love I feel through my painting, to make sure people are aware of the wonder that surrounds us at all times, hoping the respect of every form of life arise greatly in everyone. Every day is the right day to celebrate our stunning creation: our home, the Earth!

Yin-Yang: Earth Day ©GLORIAdis’14


Yin Yang: Earth Day ©GLORIAdis’14