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Dreamers can’t be tamed

Paulo Coelho from his book ALEPH.

And from his blog:
“We are much more powerful than we think we are. Let’s use this power, use the strength that everyone has when he/she is following his/her real Bliss, Personal Legend, you name it.
We are the dreamers, but we are also the revolution.
Dreams are not negotiable.
And Dreams are not for sale.



Don’t allow anyone to regulate your life and your moods.
Be you the creator of your happiness, of your love, and even
of your sadness, if you wish to feel sad,
but don’t depend on anyone, or on external circumstances.
Choose what you want to be, to feel, to manifest,
and express in your life and then
act accordingly,
with a smile on your face and the peace in your heart.
Be the creator of the magic of your world…
and all the world will change!

~ Gloria di Simone ~