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PROJECTS and WORKS As an architect of interiors and designer, I loved taking care of all phases of a project, from the concept to the artisan completion of the product. This way were born the works you can see here, in this historical gallery representing twenty years of activity. They are furniture, decorative objects and murals for children inspired by the cartoons.

Seagull: Headboard with twin lighting

Headboard with twin lighting / Wood and screen printed glass or plexiglass


Here the animation:


The Dancer – Mirò – Wardrobe for kids

This is the last furniture that I made fully: ideation, implementation and painting. It has a trapezoidal shape and the doors follow the drawing.

Wood and acrylic colors.

Mirò: The Dancer – wardrobe for kids

Painted toilet bowl

A client, CEO of a beautiful organic farm in Italy, asked me to paint two new toilet bowls, broken due to the winter ice. So, for the first time, I painted this unusual object to use as cachepot and placed outdoor at the entrance of the Toilettes at the FATTORIA DELL’AUTOSUFFICIENZA  on the Appennino Casentinese.

They are painted with enamel.

I think it could be used even indoor, to brighten up your bathroom. What do you think?

My painted toilet bowl (Back)
Toilet bowls-back ©GLORIAdis’12
painted toilet bowl
Toilet bowls-front©GLORIAdis’12

Kandinskij Dresser

I made this chest of drawers with wood painted with acrylic colors. I cut the front of the drawers following the lines of the Kandinsky painting “Horizontals” and I shaped the handles like embossed pieces of the painting. The semi-gloss finish is made with a paint sensitive to the black light.


Screens Gallery

Flamingos/The Aristocats

Wood painted with acrylics

Sun & Moon – Day & Night

Wood painted with acrylics – The frame is painted with gold. Some parts of the painting are refined with gold too.

Calm & Chaos

Wood painted with acrylics – The subject on the right is inspired by a house in Vienn by the artist and architect Friedrich Hundertwasser.

The Seagull

This is a project. It’s made with wood painted with acrylics and gold (the seagull and the frame), and filled with fabric of silk or other quite transparent textile.