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The deer & the baby girl

I made an ebook with my first fairy tale, in italian, illustrated by me. You can read it here and try to translate it with Google. Contact me if you’re interested to translate it. all right reserved – text and images copyright © GloriadiSimone 2011copertina davanti

Beautiful review

Few days ago I received an email from Canada with a great review to my paintings.

Here it is:

“My name is Christine. I have come across your beautiful paintings on FineArtAmerica. So much joy, colors, lightness, playfulness and childlikeness is in your art… just amazing and soooo healing… a real eye feast to my inner child… she cannot get enough of your paintings. I can see your inner child painting and to let *her* paint is a precious gift you have. Humans have forgotten and you are reminding them of the child within them… very powerful.”

Christine Mayers

She especially loves this painting.

Yin-Yang: Spring & Autumn
Yin-Yang: Spring & Autumn

Thank you Christine!

Colorful abstract (composition)

This is one of my compositions, but actually it’s different from other compositions because all pieces are individual, they don’t compose a defined image.

Compositions (Abstract)
Colorful Abstract (composition) ©GLORIAdis’12

This is a nice comment of an artist from Cologne, Germany.
“Gloria, I am very impressed by your abstract. Highest quality! So colorful, warm, vivid and full of fantasy … Love also the very elegant lines. – Best wishes, Andreas, L/F”